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Do you have wood you need to dispose of?

Are you currently paying dump fees to dispose of wood that could be quality firewood?

We may be able to save you thousands of dollars and greatly increase your profitability!
Call Sal @ 727-487-1770 to learn more.

Wood We Accept:

  • All Hardwoods: Oak, Pecan, Hickory, Citrus
  • Measuring from 4" to 40" in diameter (prefer 8" to 22")
  • Measuring in length from 14" to 20' ( prefer logs 6' to 20')
  • All wood must be clear of limbs and sucker growth.
  • No rotton wood - A few pieces of a load - no problem, but we do not want rotten trees.
  • No invested wood - A few ants, etc no problem - but we do not want termite invested trees.