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Here are the basics on how and where to store your firewood.

1) Safety - A stack of wood can potentially fall over or topple. So consider the kids and pets when picking a location, do not stack higher then 4' , make sure the ground is level and if on a rack make sure the rack is in good repair and stable. Good airflow is the best thing for maintaining your wood, so keep that in mind as well

2) Wood should be stored off the ground, 2 treated 2 x 4 's and 2 steel post will work or you can build or purchase a pre-made rack. If your wood is on the ground its going to attract insects and will probably rot over time, so keep it on a rack!

3) Airflow helps the wood stay dry and deters moisture build up and rot. so be sure your storage location allows airflow. It's best not to wrap it up because the moisture cant escape and it will grow things and rot. Try to keep at least a few inches of breathing room around the stack, and as a precaution do not place it tight up against a wood structure. Bugs are a natural by product and can travel.

If your concerned about rain then perhaps an area with an overhang, or they do make tarps that are rain repellent but still allow airflow. My personal thought is not to worry to much about covering it unless you know its going to be raining for days and you plan to use it during that time. Instead just stack a few fire's worth of wood inside or any a dry location so it will be ready to go regardless of any current weather, leave the rest on the rack, a little surface rain generally drys up pretty quick. Airflow is much more critical.

This is a very basic article but probably enough to keep you out of trouble, if you have additionally questions please contact me sal@suncoastFirewood.com